[Spread-users] Unable to get the perl module working

Pete Emerson pete at theemersons.org
Fri Jun 27 21:14:42 EDT 2008

Dave Koberstein helped point me in the right direction. It turns out  
that /usr/local/lib was not accessible via ldconfig. I added the /usr/ 
local/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf

I have successfully send a message from a perl module and watched it  
come through via spuser.

Thanks, Dave!


On Jun 27, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Pete Emerson wrote:

> I am trying to get the perl module for Spread working.
> I have spread-4.0.0 installed with no changes (installed to /usr/ 
> local/(bin|sbin|lib) and working properly with spuser.
> I have downloaded the Spread-3.17.3_108 perl module.
> I made the following changes to the perl Makefile.PL:
> $SPLIB_LIB = '-L../.. -L../spread-src-3.17.0/ -L/usr/local/lib' ;
> $SPLIB_INCLUDE = '-I ../.. -I ../spread-src-4.0.0/' ;
> I ran the make file, made the module and installed it without error.
> I then created a simple spread perl script based on the perldoc for  
> Spread (join a group, send a message). It's
> I get an error message just like this thread in the archives:
> http://lists.spread.org/pipermail/spread-users/2007-June/003380.html
> Can't load '/usr/lib64/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/x86_64-linux-thread- 
> multi/auto/Spread/Spread.so' for module Spread: libspread.so: cannot  
> open shared object file: No such file or directory at /usr/lib64/ 
> perl5/5.8.8/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/DynaLoader.pm line 230.
> However, like the message in the archive, all of the files listed in  
> the error message above exist.
> I've also done the following to try to remedy the situation with no  
> success:
> 1) Tried spread 3.17.4 and 3.17.3
> 2) Tried to do the same on 32 bit architecture instead of 64 bit
> 3) Tried to make no changes to the perl Makefile.PL
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Pete
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