[Spread-users] Is there a way for a send-only client to detect that it's messages were received?

Allan Bailey allan at nefud.org
Sat Jun 28 15:14:41 EDT 2008

I'm considering considering using spreadlogd to receive log messages as
way to replace our current apache and application log file collection

I read a previous thread that mentioned that a client's messages will be
dropped on disconnect if they have not be acknowledged by all nodes in
the ring.

My test has been this:

3 node ring.

client script that dumps a 10 million line logfile into a 'test' group.
Using python, and SpreadModule-1.5.  Connection is with
spread.RELIABLE_MESS, and no group membership.  Just multicast'ing to
the 'test' group.

spreadlogd that logs all lines sent to the 'test' group to a file.

At the end, i have 9.7m lines in the spreadlogd file.

My question:  is there some way for the client to detect that it should
wait for disconnect?  Or is there some convention for client disconnect?

So far from reading the spread and libsp man pages I have found nothing
that indicates there is a way to poll the ring to see if the messages
have been delivered.


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