[Spread-users] connect and re-connect problems

mdistefano at integrasoftware.com mdistefano at integrasoftware.com
Mon Jun 25 11:33:40 EDT 2007


I am using Spread as the messaging back bone for a large environment.  I
have created a wrapper object in my program (this is a Java application)
to spread that will distribute connections across the family of spread
daemons on the network.  I have also added re-connect function should the
spread daemon fail to re-connect to another available spread daemon.  I am
seeing 2 issues that I have thus far not been able to resolve.

1)	upon a program start up, should the very first time it try to connect
to a spread daemon that is not there, the spread connect function sits and
waits for what seems to be a very long time (looks as if it never returns,
I kill it after a few minutes).  Is this normal and what configuration
either in the spread.conf or programmatically do I need to make to avoid
this situation.

2)	Once connected, I kill the spread daemon programs are connected to
(testing my re-connect logic) the next read/write fails as it should;
however I am never able to reconnect to any of the other daemons that are
up and running.  I get an already connected error message.   I did change
the SocketPortReuse flag in the spread.conf file to ON however this did
not affect the behaviour.  I also explicitly call disconnect but that dies
as it should throws a SpreadException and again, does not resolve the
problem.   How can I fix this?



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