[Spread-users] extremely slow spread subnet

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Tue Feb 14 09:39:27 EST 2017

I can try to replicate that in my environment.  

What version of Spread were you using?  Would you please send me the problematic configuration file too?

Have you tried using fewer addresses and seeing if the problem persists?


John Lane Schultz
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On Feb 14, 2017, at 8:58 AM, Julien Hoffmann <jhfelectric at gmail.com> wrote:

Hell spread experts,

In my specific configuration, I have 55 Raspberry Pi Linux modules all with spread installed and configured. One windows7 computer on the same network is also configured to use spread and acts as a “server”. The spread.conf files on all systems is identical and defines only IP addresses used – a total of 56.

I am using a home-made software to “drive” messages in the network, but note that my tests/results are the same when using spuser, sptmonitor etc… When broadcasting a message to all modules, the reaction is almost immediate and the server receives acknowledgements from modules within seconds. So all is well, and I am very happy with spread and this configuration which works since 3 years!

Yesterday, I added 23 new Raspberry Pi Linux modules and modified all spread.conf files. But instead of adding only the 23 new IP addresses, I decided to add all subnet available IP addresses, so that next time I add a new machine, there is no need to modify it again. I added only up to 128 IPs as spread cannot use more.

So I have a spread.conf file with 128 defined IP addresses and 78 machines. Suddenly the entire system is extremely slow, the previous processes now take minutes instead of seconds. 

I firstly suspected a wrong configuration or a physical network issue, but no.

Maybe one of you would have an idea about what could go wrong?

Thanks for any help on that matter,



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