[Spread-users] extremely slow spread subnet

Julien Hoffmann jhfelectric at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 08:58:06 EST 2017

Hell spread experts,

In my specific configuration, I have 55 Raspberry Pi Linux modules all with
spread installed and configured. One windows7 computer on the same network
is also configured to use spread and acts as a "server". The spread.conf
files on all systems is identical and defines only IP addresses used - a
total of 56.

I am using a home-made software to "drive" messages in the network, but note
that my tests/results are the same when using spuser, sptmonitor etc. When
broadcasting a message to all modules, the reaction is almost immediate and
the server receives acknowledgements from modules within seconds. So all is
well, and I am very happy with spread and this configuration which works
since 3 years!

Yesterday, I added 23 new Raspberry Pi Linux modules and modified all
spread.conf files. But instead of adding only the 23 new IP addresses, I
decided to add all subnet available IP addresses, so that next time I add a
new machine, there is no need to modify it again. I added only up to 128 IPs
as spread cannot use more.

So I have a spread.conf file with 128 defined IP addresses and 78 machines.
Suddenly the entire system is extremely slow, the previous processes now
take minutes instead of seconds. 

I firstly suspected a wrong configuration or a physical network issue, but

Maybe one of you would have an idea about what could go wrong?

Thanks for any help on that matter,



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