[Spread-users] RPM packages for various distros

Florian Merges fmerges at fstarter.org
Thu Jun 18 20:37:01 EDT 2009


BTW what is the status of the Python module for Spread? which one are you
using for Spread, just the plain one provided by Zope or the one that
include the patches for the membership change for version 4.0.0? I've been
using successfully Python's Spread module v1.5 but with the version

Kind regards,


2009/6/19 Peter Poeml <poeml at suse.de>

> Hi,
> great to see the 4.1.0 release, and the much updated web site.
> I already updated the RPM package that I recently started in the
> openSUSE build service.
> Note that the RPMs are built not only for openSUSE - but also for
> Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva.
> However, although they build (and likely work ;) the init script is SUSE
> specific at the moment. The init script (which is required by the spread
> daemon) and the RPM %pre/%post magic is stuff that is quite distro-
> specific and not well solved in a "one script fits noone" approach. I
> would love to add init scripts for Fedora and Mandriva, if somebody
> could provide them maybe?
> I would be happy to share maintainership of the project and give write
> permission to the source repository in order to work on the package
> together!
> I moved the packages to their own "project" just a minute ago, and
> they'll turn up at
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/network:/spread/
> in some hours.
> (https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=network:spread is the
> URL to the project, which is not anonymously accessible though.)
> Right now, I build spread, spreadlogd, and apache2-mod_log_spread. I was
> able to (rudimentarily!) test all of them successfully.
> I plan to add language bindings later, at least for Python, but don't
> know when I'll get around to do that. I would welcome any contribution -
> everybody can get an account for the openSUSE buildservice and
> contribute.
> Thanks!
> Peter
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