[Spread-users] RPM packages for various distros

Peter Poeml poeml at suse.de
Thu Jun 18 20:01:34 EDT 2009


great to see the 4.1.0 release, and the much updated web site.

I already updated the RPM package that I recently started in the
openSUSE build service.

Note that the RPMs are built not only for openSUSE - but also for
Fedora, CentOS, Mandriva.

However, although they build (and likely work ;) the init script is SUSE
specific at the moment. The init script (which is required by the spread
daemon) and the RPM %pre/%post magic is stuff that is quite distro-
specific and not well solved in a "one script fits noone" approach. I
would love to add init scripts for Fedora and Mandriva, if somebody
could provide them maybe?

I would be happy to share maintainership of the project and give write
permission to the source repository in order to work on the package

I moved the packages to their own "project" just a minute ago, and
they'll turn up at
in some hours.
(https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=network:spread is the
URL to the project, which is not anonymously accessible though.)

Right now, I build spread, spreadlogd, and apache2-mod_log_spread. I was
able to (rudimentarily!) test all of them successfully.

I plan to add language bindings later, at least for Python, but don't
know when I'll get around to do that. I would welcome any contribution -
everybody can get an account for the openSUSE buildservice and

Contact: admin at opensuse.org (a.k.a. ftpadmin at suse.com)
         #opensuse-mirrors on freenode.net
Info: http://en.opensuse.org/Mirror_Infrastructure
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH
Research & Development
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