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Rachel Willmer rwillmer at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 05:12:42 EST 2009

Thanks for the vs_set explanation.

> Understanding and exploiting these sets is a pretty advanced use of
> Spread and is probably not what you should be worrying about
> initially.

I've solved all the basic spread problems I've had :-)  Messages
flying backwards and forwards, machines joining and leaving the group,
all working fine.

Only got 1 problem to work out how to solve: given that the config
file says "there are the machines we know about and these are the
segments they're on", how do I get access to the current "view" of the

I can see from my membership list which machines are active, but is
there any way (short of writing code to re-parse the config file) to
see what segments there should be and which machines are in which

Any pointers welcome

> Cheers!
> John
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> John Lane Schultz
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> Thursday, February 26, 2009, 12:37:59 PM, you wrote:
>> Thanks for your quick reply.
>> I'm looking at the C API doc and the user guide, but it doesn't give
>> all the answers. Specifically, I'm trying to understand the the
>> SB_get_memb_info() - it makes reference to vs_sets but I can't find
>> any reference or description of what a vs_set actually is.
>> Any pointers welcome
>> Rachel
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