[Spread-users] Number of groups - limitation or performance concerns

Wangbong Lee leewb at etri.re.kr
Thu Oct 18 22:37:03 EDT 2007

Hi all
I am using Spread 4 in Linux. Daemons are running on 16 nodes in one
In my test configuration, 320 groups are created and each group  sends and
receives about 10Mbytes data in the same time.
During this test, something is happened. "spread aborted sig 6" message
comes out in Linux machine.

I have Qs about this.
What number of groups are supported in Spread ?
What does "spread aborted sig 6" mean by? I want to know why spread is
aborted and how to fix  it.
Your comments will be good to me. 


W. Lee, <leewb.AT.etri.re.kr, wangbong.AT.gmail.com>

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