[Spread-users] Access violation error

Danish Ahmed danish_ahmed90 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 09:58:57 EDT 2007

Hi all

I am using spread 4 RC2. Some times i got an access violation error.
When i attached debugger to the crashed process the following details i 

Exception: Access violation error. (address 0x000000 is accessed)
File: stdskl.c
Line: 156
Funation: stdskl_low_find_right
Description: Pointer variable 'curr' have value NULL(0x00000000) and code is 
accessing it so
                 access  violation occurred. Thie code is the very first 
line after first while loop in
                 the  function.( next = curr->nexts[lvl];

Please if any of you have encountered this situation before or you have any 
clue about it then give me some appropriate solution.
Also unfortunately to keep log file short i only log messages of type PRINT 
and EXIT so does not have any clue from log file.

Warm Regards
Danish Ahmed

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