[Spread-users] To protect against SEGV in scatter.

Ed Holyat eholyat at olf.com
Fri Oct 26 12:52:14 EDT 2007

I have run into a case where the number of members combined with the
size of the private_name to a particular group has exceeded the vector
space available in a single scatter message.  
What are the effects of truncating this list and allowing the message to
propagate to the users?  Will the truncated members still receive these
If the last member name is truncated, will that crash the receiving
daemons or clients? Do we have to make sure that the last group contains
the entire member name?
Is this information needed by a client program (daemon to client) or by
the daemons (daemon to daemon)? 



The len_sent is < the total_to_send

Ed Holyat
Open Link Financial, Inc.
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