[Spread-users] Spread over a WAN

Alaric Snell-Pym alaric at snell-pym.org.uk
Fri Nov 23 15:18:26 EST 2007

Ok, I have Spread at two sites, London and Dublin. The private link
between is about 8ms RTT, and it's set up as two segments.

However, there's some crazy talk that we might expand to two sites in
the US East Coast. In which case, if we set that up as four segments,
would I be correct in thinking that for every message, two packets
would go under the Atlantic and across the US?

It would be nice if we could reduce that to just one, to keep the
bandwidth bills down, since that's the expensive link in the chain :-)

Yet I gather that setting up multicast routing and making it all one
Spread segment might not be such a great thing for performance.

Any hints and tips, or am I treading in unexplored waters?

Perhaps the ideal would be to have the option to have Spread inter-
segment traffic be multicast, with an elected node in each segment
being the 'forwarder' between the segment and other segments?


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