[Spread-users] Spread bandwidth throttling

Sonam Chauhan sonam.chauhan at ce.com.au
Sun Nov 11 18:42:54 EST 2007



I am new to Spread. I am interested in using it to stream results in a
distributed load testing application where messages flow from the
testing nodes to a central log server. 


The issue is that the load testing itself consumes a lot of network
bandwidth. Does Spread or the Spread client have any bandwidth
throttling/ bandwidth-limiting features that can limit it's network
utilization? For instance, can I specify that Spread messages throughput
from a client not exceed 10 Mbps? 


If not, what would be the best way to achieve what I have in mind? Would
it be to setup virtual network interfaces limited to 10 Mbps and have
the Spread components bind to those interfaces? 


Kind regards,

Sonam Chauhan


Corporate Express Australia Ltd. 

Phone: +61-2-93350725, Email: sonam.chauhan at ce.com.au


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