[Spread-users] Re: Thrudb - Document Oriented Database Services

Jörg F. Wittenberger Joerg.Wittenberger at softeyes.net
Wed Nov 7 02:24:29 EST 2007

Hi Jake,

I've got a few quesions on that one (I'm the main author of
www.askemos.org - which seems to have some overlap with thrudoc).

Askemos is a [until now unique] document oriented programming framework
(AOP with unreliable asynchronous message passing model similar to
Erlang).  Features:

- secure (SSL) no-master (i.e., proxy only) replication of agents (that
is processes are replicated not only files)
- byzantine agreement on transactions - intrusion resistent,
"automagically" restored global state
- discretionary and mandatory capabilities
- capability *distribution* algorithm is proved to be incorruptible
- no superuser to hack
- practical framework professionally used for things ranging from web
sites to workflow systems
- written in a safe language and compiled into C
- looks like a file system (WebDAV) with integrated template engine to
the casual programmer
- applications like "registered email with reception notice" are easy
- (german) lawyers expertise: Askemos's "multivalent" electronic
signatures should count as "visible evidence" (word by word translation
of the german legal term - no idea of the correct english term) in
court; "monovalent" (classic cryptographic) signatures don't provide
that level of evidence

My questions:

Do you have some performance numbers?  Let's say I want to change a
directory entry to point to some other, pre-stored file (so no upload
time to care at): how frequent could such a transaction occur on a
single directory?

How do the nodes authenticate each other?

If I where able to break a single master and inject arbitrary requests:
could the system somehow block that compromised machine from
impersonating most users (it's ok with me if some users where bound to
that machine, however they should be able to control to which machine
they bind themself).

If wire packages where sniffed: could the sniffer learn the document

Thanks a lot


> Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 20:43:56 -0500
> From: "Jake Luciani" <jake at 3.rdrail.net>
> Subject: [Spread-users] Thrudb - Document Oriented Database Services
> Hi,
> I'm writing to announce the open source release of a project I've built
> which incorporates spread.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thrudb is a set of simple services built on top of Facebook's Thrift
> framework
> that provides indexing and document storage services for building and
> scaling websites.
> Its purpose is to offer web developers flexible, fast and easy-to-use
> services
> which can enhance or replace traditional data storage and access layers.
> *Thrudb Features:*
>    - Client libraries for most languages
>    - Multi-master replication
>    - Incremental backups and redo logging
>    - Multiple storage backends (S3 included)
>    - Built for horizontal scalability
>    - Simple and powerful search api (Lucene)
> http://thrudb.googlecode.com

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