[Spread-users] Re: Thrudb - Document Oriented Database Services

Alaric Snell-Pym alaric at snell-pym.org.uk
Wed Nov 7 09:32:32 EST 2007

I can't answer for Jake, but I can answer for my own system!

> Do you have some performance numbers?  Let's say I want to change a
> directory entry to point to some other, pre-stored file (so no upload
> time to care at): how frequent could such a transaction occur on a
> single directory?

I don't have a 'rename' operation, but I've clocked my thing at doing
about 3,000 writes per second, under good conditions. That's on a
cluster of five machines, can't remember the precise specs, but
they've got

But then, it's running on 2GHz Opteron dual-core systems with 8GB of
RAM, so you'd hope for a lot.

The live platform will soon be ten nodes, half of them in London,
half of them in Dublin, with a dedicated Ethernet link between them
with a ~8ms round trip time.

> How do the nodes authenticate each other?

My nodes totally and utterly trust each other.

> If I where able to break a single master and inject arbitrary
> requests:
> could the system somehow block that compromised machine from
> impersonating most users (it's ok with me if some users where bound to
> that machine, however they should be able to control to which machine
> they bind themself).


> If wire packages where sniffed: could the sniffer learn the document
> contents?

Yep! But that could easily be fixed. It's just not a problem in the
current target application.

Askemos is very interesting, but the security stuff isn't needed in
my case ;-)


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