[Spread-users] Connection closed error on SP_receive

John Robinson jr at vertica.com
Fri Mar 30 21:50:21 EDT 2007

We seem to be on a theme on this list.

Spread does not do flow control.  Never promised to, probably never will.

It is not hard for a sender to outrun a receiver.  Once its buffer fills 
up, spread breaks the receiver connection and throws out the buffered 
messages to catch up.

If you really want to send flow-controlled point-to-point traffic, use a 
normal TCP connection.

Flow control on multicast connections is a nasty problem.  If you figure 
out a good way to solve multicast flow control, it might be worth a PhD, 
although there are solutions out there.

[not picking on Sami particularly, just putting my oar into the tide.]
Sami M wrote:
> I am using spread 4.0 on linux x86 platform. I implemented a message 
> assembly-reassembly wrapper around libspread to chunk a large message 
> into smaller messages (to overcome 100K message size limit). However, 
> during stress testing this with chunk size of 1 K and a message size of 
> 1.5 M the SP_receive call fails on the receiving end with "connection 
> closed" message. This test would translate to 1500 messages 
> being SP_multicast in a loop by the sender. This works fine if one 
> process is sending and another is receiving exclusively. However, if I 
> have both processes sending and receiving at the same time I run into 
> "conneciton closed" error on SP_receive call on one of the receivers. 
> Any ideas here would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sami
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