[Spread-users] is spread the right choice ?

Sami M sami2065 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 05:32:42 EDT 2007

OK Folks. Maybe I am on the wrong track here. We need a message passing

It's for a large distributed application that needs to scale on a linux
cluster with possibly tens of nodes and 7/8 different type of processes
[don't ask... we might be building the next google :)]. Different processes
running on seperate (or same) machines need to communicate. There is
currently no need for multicast messages although any process may exchange a
message with any other process (n-way connectivity). Doing that
point-to-point would be overly complex I think !?!? They need to be able to
send messages that may go upwards of 100M. There is a need for java/c
inter-operability as some processes are in java.

I have tried mpich2 & pvm so far & those libs proved to be not well suited
for this application for various reasons. Spread seemed well suited
initially but has its own set of constrants with regards to message sizes &
flow control. So far I have implemented message chunking to overcome the
100K limit. It seems I will need a fix for this flow control issue.

Is spread the right choice for this kindof application with regards to
scalability, performance, and feature requirements here. I'd prefer using an
off the shelf solution for this. What other open and/or commercial libs can
I try? I am using a wrapper interface to message passing lib so I can try
different solutions relatively easily.

BTW... I am not a comm expert so bear with me if I am missing anything
obvious. Please feel free to weight in. Any help here is appreciated.


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