[Spread-users] How to run two deamons on a machine

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Sat Mar 3 22:37:29 EST 2007

It is possible. But it is a very unusual setup except when 
testing/debugging as several daemons on one machine doesn't really give 
you anything. 

Now if you are talking about separate configurations running on the same
machine (like 2 rings in parallel) then that's easy and has been done
lots before. Just run the 2 configurations on port numbers that differ
by 5 or so and it should work fine.  If you mean to run 2 daemons in the
same configuration and on the same machine, the rest of this message
gives an example of that setup.

Since Spread uses several consecutive port numbers you need to space
them a few numbers apart (3 should be enough) So use 4800 for one and
4805 for another. 

Spread also assumes you have unique IP addresses for each daemon, so you 
need to setup a configuration like this (an example I have run on a 
single linux machine)

Spread_Segment {


Spread_Segment {

In this case spread has to be started with the "-n" option to tell it 
which entry belongs to the daemon you are starting. 

./spread -n local1

./spread -n local2 (in differnt shell window)

./spuser -s 4810 (in different shell) to test it out.



On Sun, Jan 21, 2007 at 06:33:38PM -0500, hwu19 at cs.mcgill.ca wrote:
> Hi, Dear all:
>   I met a problem when I was using spread. I want to startup two spread
> deamons on different ports on one machine. Is it possible? If yes, how
> can I do it?
>   Thank you very much
> Cheers
> Huaigu Wu
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