[Spread-users] about message pruning

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Sat Mar 3 22:15:43 EST 2007


The messages will goto all daemons, but only clients who have joined the 
groups will receive them.

Spread 4 has not changed this behaviour.



On Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 03:39:29PM +0800, kuer_spread at 126.com wrote:
> hi, all,
> i'm curious to know if spread does any pruning of messages being sent
> between daemons...
> for example... 
> lets say i have daemons A, B and C in my spread network... i have a single
> client on daemon A that sends messages to two groups - GROUP_X and
> GROUP_Y... lets also assume that the client connected to daemon A and C has
> not registered any interest in messages for either group...
> i also have a single client on daemon B that has registered interest
> only in messages for GROUP_Y...
> does daemon B get messages for GROUP_X even though no clients have
> registered interest in that group or will messages for GROUP_X be pruned
> by daemon A since there are no clients anywhere interested in GROUP_X
> messages?
> does daemon C get both messages, too?
> Does spread 4.0 do message pruning?
> thanks for any help
> - kuer    
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