[Spread-users] Allowing for non-block reads/write in spread

Mike Simon msimon at sj2tech.com
Fri Jun 15 15:11:43 EDT 2007

I just started using spread and in looking at the source a little bit I 
think an improvement can be made to the API.  The API as is can 
potentially block when reading/writing with SP_mutlicast and SP_recv. 
It would be nice if there were non-blocking versions of these API's so 
that it could be safely integrated with an existing event loop (i.e. 
homegrown select,poll,kqueue, ACE,libevent etc.).  As long as the user 
was notified that a partial read/write had occurred they could call the 
libspread API again with an offset to get/send the balance.

Any thoughts out there?

Mike Simon
SJ2 Technologies LLC
(630) 682-0198 (w)
(312) 545-8158 (c)
(866) 789-9761 (f)

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