[Spread-users] Voice communication using Spread

Roman Selin rsln at wp.pl
Tue Feb 13 14:41:03 EST 2007

Hi Dustin, Jim,

> You specifically mention "sending" -- if you write 8192 more packets
> than you read, and you're not using SELF_DISCARD (sp?), you'll fill up
> your own receive buffer and spread will disconnect you.  It's not very
> verbose about why it disconnects you -- that would be a nice area for
> improvement -- so this is just a guess.
I always use SELF_DISCARD - it was the first thing I've learned
during my experiments :)
Perhaps this is the problem of flow control and MAX_SESSION_MESSAGES.
It would be really nice if Spread returns EWOULDBLOCK - it
would make life much easier


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