[Spread-users] Spread and VxWorks

Glenn glenn at somanetworks.com
Mon Sep 18 12:26:21 EDT 2006

I tried searching archives but didn't have much luck, so my appologies 
if this has been answered in the past.  I'm happy to RTFM, as long as 
someone could point me at the FM. :-)

We are looking at using Spread for group communication on a device that 
has Linux and VxWorks on different chips, connected via Ethernet.  I'm 
trying to track down if anyone has ported Spread for VxWorks; the list 
of officially supported OSs basically break down to Unix/Linux and 
Windox.  Has anyone tried to port Spread to either VxWorks or a similar 
RTOS, and if so, how did it go?

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SOMA Networks, Inc.  http://www.somanetworks.com/  +1 416 977 1414

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