[Spread-users] Spread daemon crashes when network fails

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Mon Sep 18 12:01:54 EDT 2006

I would recommend checking out from the public CVS/SVN repository the most up to 
date development version of Spread 3.17.3, which has several bug fixes, and see 
if the problem persists.  We intend to do a release of 3.17.4 with those bug 
fixes sometime in October.


Balaji Rajappa wrote:
> In my setup there are two spread daemons running on two different nodes 
> one client connected to each daemon. When I try bringing down the 
> network interface (ifconfig down/up) connecting the spread daemons down 
> and up, the spread daemon on one end crashes after couple of iterations 
> of the above test case. The network remains down for say 5 sec and up 
> for 30 sec.

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