[Spread-users] Multiple spread daemons on the same machine & real-time scheduling?

Matt Garman matthew.garman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 16:44:06 EDT 2006


One more question for now :)

Does anyone run multiple spread daemons on the same machine?
Basically, we are looking at running multiple spread deamons for
different message categories.  The high priority messages, we'll run
with real-time scheduling.

And speaking of real-time scheduling, the Spread User's Guide v0.11
[1] has a footnote on page 20 that says, "a small program to give the
daemon real-time scheduling priority can be found at our web site
http://www.spread.org/software/".  Unfortunately, that URL returns a
404 not found.  Does anyone have any more info on running the daemon
with real-time priority?

Thank you all very much,

[1] http://www.spread.org/docs/guide/users_guide.pdf

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