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Dutta Abhijit adutta at intellinet-india.com
Wed Jul 5 01:11:49 EDT 2006

Can anyone help in this...Thanx in advance...


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Thanx John for your help...but we have this observations..

When the cable from node1 is unplugged the event CAUSED_BY_NETWORK is
received by node2. But no notification comes to node1 (ie. To self).

Note: node1 and node2 are in same group in different boxes with daemon
running on each, connected through a LAN. 

So, is there a way by which we can make the daemon post a notification event
to the application at node1 (to self) in case of cable pullout/network

Also, if we kill the daemon in node1, the other (node2) gets the same
notification (CAUSED_BY_NETWORK). So that means node2 can not distinguish
whether it is a network fail or daemon crash. Am I right?

Your inputs...


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Dutta Abhijit wrote:
> Does spread posts separate events (state change) for these two scenarios:
>    1. Cable pull out in one of the nodes
>    2. If spread daemon is killed in another node.
> If yes, how we can trap these events.

Yes, Spread does generate events once the timeouts (couple of seconds)
the disconnection of the daemon(s).  These events will appear as membership
changes (CAUSED_BY_NETWORK) to surviving members of groups that have clients

connecting through the disconnecting daemon(s).

For this to work you would need to run a daemon on each of the machines you
about and then have at least one client connect to the system through each 
daemon and all SP_join into the same group.  Then membership view change
of CAUSED_BY_NETWORK will correspond to the above listed events.  Note,
that CAUSED_BY_NETWORK can also represent additive membership changes and
occur if, for example, you replugged the cable back in (more generally, if
network partition healed) and the daemons could begin communicating again.

Check out http://www.spread.org/docspread.html for more documentation.


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