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Dutta Abhijit wrote:
> Can anyone help in this...Thanx in advance...
> ~Abhijit 
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> Thanx John for your help...but we have this observations..
> When the cable from node1 is unplugged the event CAUSED_BY_NETWORK is
> received by node2. But no notification comes to node1 (ie. To self).
> Note: node1 and node2 are in same group in different boxes with daemon
> running on each, connected through a LAN. 
> So, is there a way by which we can make the daemon post a notification event
> to the application at node1 (to self) in case of cable pullout/network
> fails?
> Also, if we kill the daemon in node1, the other (node2) gets the same
> notification (CAUSED_BY_NETWORK). So that means node2 can not distinguish
> whether it is a network fail or daemon crash. Am I right?
> Your inputs...
> ~Thanx
> Abhijit 

Sorry for not responding yesterday because it was the USA's independence holiday.

Clients connecting through both nodes should have seen CAUSED_BY_NETWORK events 
reflecting that the "other side" of the partition had disconnected.  I'm not 
sure if/why both sides of the partition didn't see/report the disconnection.

Sometimes Spread will not (or is very slow to) *heal* a partition in a LAN 
unless client traffic is being sent, which everyone hears, but I don't think 
that is related to this issue with pulling the plug.

You are correct that Spread does not distinguish/report whether a daemon failure 
is due to a network partition or a daemon crashing.


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