[Spread-users] Exception in SP_receive... Compiling with newer Visual Studios...

Jim Kleckner jek-spread at kleckner.net
Mon Jan 30 19:40:28 EST 2006

I've been meaning to publish patches for using cygwin
with and without -mno-cygwin.  Is that something
of interest here?  I normally use cygwin but -mno-cygwin
is needed when you create DLLs for Excel etc.


Ivo wrote:
> I'm deciding whether to purchase Visual Studio 2005 Pro, and
> compiling with libtspread is one factor in that decision.
> VS 2003 Standard edition (should be labeled Student/Limited edition)
> might be the reason that I'm getting exceptions in SP_receive but I
> haven't found any references to that in the list archives. Same
> problem on two XP and Win2k machines so configuration isn't a likely
> issue.
> The exception itself occurs in the first recv(...), in
> SP_scat_receive. WSAGetLastError claims the problem is an "invalid
> handle".
> Has anyone found similar exceptions under Windoze, or successfully
> compiled Spread under VS 2003 or 2005 Pro?
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Ivo

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