[Spread-users] hostname problem

Hacksaw hacksaw at hacksaw.org
Fri Jan 27 15:52:04 EST 2006

I am trying to use spread on an embedded computer. We have a small 
amount of memory, so we are trying to keep things very simple. One thing 
is likely: the computer name may or may not be in the hosts file. For 
instance, right now it isn't, because I need to attach it to my computer 
(on a different net) to be able to look at it, and test things.

My spread conf is pretty simple:

#irobot test
Spread_Segment {
    eth0 {

However, the invokation of the daemon results in this message:

Conf_init: using file: spread.conf
Set user name to 'nobody'
Set group name to 'nobody'
Successfully configured Segment 0 [] with 1 procs:
Finished configuration file.
Conf_init: could not get my ip address (my name is rcu9)
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

Why is it asking for the ip address via the hostname? Is there a way to 
tell it what ip address it should care about?

Thanks in advance.

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