[Spread-users] Sp_connect_timeout

Pradyumna Sampath pradysam at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 26 06:33:07 EDT 2006


I have been using spread for quite a while now and
have been experimenting tweaking a few things to get
better performance out of spread. 

I noticed the last argument to SP_connect_timeout ,
the timeout parameter has a direct co-relation with
the cpu-load. This is done by the Java Client. Here
are the numbers. Also to be kept in mind is the
associated exception handling. 

SO_TIMEOUT=0 (milis): CPU%=0.1
SO_TIMEOUT=10000: CPU%=0.1
SO_TIMEOUT=2000: CPU%= 2
SO_TIMEOUT=1000: CPU%= 7
SO_TIMEOUT=100: CPU%= 28

Here are the numbers. Can someone tell me what this
parameter means. Also what happens if we set the
timeout to ("0", infinity). 

It would also be great to know other tweaks that we
can put into spread either in code or at the API level
to get more out of spread. 

Thanks in advance

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