[Spread-users] Memory leak in spread ?

Pradyumna Sampath pradysam at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 28 01:30:43 EDT 2006


We have left spread daemon(linux) running under the
following load conditions for about 4-5 hours and I
have noticed an alarming increase in spread's memory

The load conditions are the following. 

CPU -> 96Mhz PowerPC
Memory -> 64M (+swap of 50M)
Load avg -> 2.87 2.49 2.00 5/85 317 (proc/loadavg)

Number of clients publishing = 5 (4K each per second)
(C Clients)

no of clients subsribing = 5 (Java) (On a 1.5Ghz PC)

Is it possible that there is a memory leak somewhere
in the spread daemon or are we doing something
absolutely wrong. Also what could be the conditions
under which spread keeps allocating memory without
freeing it.I know its a vague question but has anyone
else noticed this ? Any pointers would greatly help. 

Thanks in advance

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