[Spread-users] using wackamole and spread in typical hosting environment

Dieter Schmidt flatline at stresstiming.de
Sun Apr 23 13:42:59 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I wanted to use wackmole and spread with some linux boxes at my 
preferred hosting service hosteurope. My servers should share three IPs 
on which 3 haproxy instances should work as load balanced-proxies for my 
Apaches. If one fails the IP should be transfered to the others. The 
boxes have two interfaces, one to the internal backup system (of the 
hosting service) and one to the Internet. The servers are not in the  
same subnet nor I have the privilege to propagate the VIPs to the 
external routers. I have no idea how to get this setup working as 
mentioned above.
The biggest problem is: I am not a specialist in routing.
Is there's any help for me? :-)

thx flatline


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