[Spread-users] seeing server failures at the client

Brian Pinkerton bplist at thinkpink.com
Thu Apr 21 18:39:51 EDT 2005

I'm fairly new to spread, so this may be a naive question:

We're running a fairly busy spread setup with a small number (10's) of 
clients.  The other day, someone ran some test code that flooded our 
server with connection requests.  He then rebooted the server and 
restarted the daemon.  No big deal.

But none of the clients (Java & Perl) got any kind of error at all, 
even after the server was restarted.  They just stopped seeing any 
messages (over hours).  My assumption was that all the clients would 
get their connections reset when the server was restarted and they'd 
all throw, but at least in this case that didn't happen.

To catch problems like this in the future I'd like to wrap the 
SpreadConnection with another class that re-tries on catastrophic 
failures.  I've tried to reproduce the problem, but whatever I do seems 
to result in clients getting exceptions "immediately."

Anyone ever seen anything like this?


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