[Spread-users] Multi-daemon configuration

Gustavo Castro comadreja_98 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 19 12:48:34 EDT 2004


i´m planning to do a project which involves 3 computers. Each of them would 
run a spread daemon. What i need is that in every machine users could 
communicate among them using spread, with a spread group called 
"spread_local", and apart from that the daemons should communicate among 
them using the spread group "spread_masters"; so, final users would work 
with the local group, and the daemons would interchange data using the 
"spread_masters group".

Providing that their IPs are, and, the next piece of code from the spread.conf should give me 
the functionality i need, right? as "spread_local" works only in a local 
mode, there would be no problem, and for the "spread_masters", if the three 
computers join that group they would "see" each other when multicasting, 
wouldn´t they?

Spread_Segment {


I don´t know if i made myself clear, if not i will try to explain it better. 
In any case, thanks!!

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