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As I wrote it, I hope I can explain it :-)

You can find the 3 line version in the Readme.txt file in entry 10. 

The idea was to allow testing with multiple computers runnign flooders
and all of them sending to the same set of receivers. If you did this
with the older flooder you would cause the receivers who are also
senders to get disconnected because they could not read fast enought to
keep up with all of the senders messages. In this version if you tell 
all of the flooders how many senders to expect it will wait for them all 
to join a specific group (so they all start at a roughly synchronized 
time), will send a specific number of messages immediately to start the 
flood  and then will wait to receive a message from all of the 
sender before sending their next message -- so they don't run faster 
then anyone else. That will bound the number of messages outstanding and 
keep everyone locked to the slowest speed.

Are there some specific questions about the changes?


Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 05:29:12PM -0400, Jerome wrote:
> There seem to be a few changes to spflooder in this latest version of
> spread. Amongst other things, it seems flooder can be a member of multiple
> groups.
> I've taken a look through the code, but I was wondering if someone with
> more knowledge of the program could give me a run down of the changes. I
> cannot find this information in the Changelog :/ Thanks
> jerome
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