[Spread-users] Spread Open Source License - Advertising clause?

Richard Jones rj at last.fm
Sat Nov 27 13:26:02 EST 2004

I'm currently experimenting with spread for use behind the scenes at
audioscrobbler.com, and have a query about the BSD-style open source
license spread uses.
Specifically, the advertising clause:

3. All advertising materials (including web pages) mentioning features
or use of this software, or software that uses this software, must
display the following acknowledgment: "This product uses software
developed by Spread Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For more
information about Spread see http://www.spread.org"

I'm considering using spread to aid communication between a handful of
Java services that do things with data periodically; mining statistics,
pruning databases etc. The resulting data is exposed via a website
(audioscrobbler.com). I've a feeling this clause means I need to include
the above sentence anywhere that the site mentions features.

Perhaps this clause in the spread license exists because the license was
derived from an old style (before they removed the advertising clause)
BSD license. Would Spread Concepts consider removing this clause? (Is
this even practical? - i don't know how many people contributed)

GNU.org has a page about the history of the BSD advertising clause here:

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