[Spread-users] setting up spread on osx

BRIAN SUK b_suk at jhu.edu
Tue Nov 16 15:52:34 EST 2004

I'm trying to configure and run spread for the first time, yet I keep getting this error when running ./spread:

| Contact: spread at spread.org                                                |
|                                                                           |
| Version 3.17.03 Built 15/October/2004                                     |
Conf_init: using file: /usr/local/etc/spread.conf
Successfully configured Segment 0 [] with 1 procs:
Finished configuration file.
Conf_init: My proc id ( is not in configuration
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

I'm not sure as to where it's getting nor do I know how to address this problem either.

Any help would be appreciated.


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