[Spread-users] Introducing Replicated Hash Table 2.0

Jacob Green jgreen at spreadconcepts.com
Tue Nov 16 14:19:56 EST 2004

Good question George.

RHT is available under a commercial license.  Feel free to contact us
directly for more details or to obtain free evaluation copy.


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Hi Jacob,

What's the license on this like?


On Nov 16, 2004, at 1:46 PM, Jacob Green wrote:

> Greetings Spread Community,
> We at Spread Concepts are pleased to officially announce the version 
> 2.0
> release of our Replicated Hash Table (RHT) package!
> RHT provides simple and powerful, high performance state replication 
> without
> the complexity.  You can find out more information about RHT from the
> product web page 
> (http://www.spreadconcepts.com/replicated_hash_info.html).
> More about RHT:
> RHT is an in-memory hash table data-structure replicated on multiple
> participating computer systems.  Consistency between each table 
> replica is
> maintained at all times.  RHT uses Spread and automatically handles 
> network
> partitions, server crashes, and network re-merges between the various
> replica.  To the programmer, RHT exposes a simple and intuitive common
> interface to the standard key-value hash table data structure.
> What’s new in version 2.0?
> - Full cross platform support including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and 
> most
> Unix similar operating systems
> - Event callbacks.  RHT sends you notifications when the local table is
> updated by an entry from a remote replica.  Allowing event driven
> programming.
> - New UNION semantics define how deleted entries are handled when 
> network
> merges occur.
> - Features an improved API.
> - Full documentation and Reference Guide provided.
> If you are interested in an evaluation of RHT, and think RHT would be 
> of
> assistance to you, please contact us (info at spreadconcepts.com)
> Cheers,
> The Spread Concepts Team
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