[Spread-users] Sending messages to a fixed set of servers

Christian Schnell lulli at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri May 7 07:48:50 EDT 2004

John Schultz wrote:

> You give a good description of Lamport time stamps.  It sounds like 
> you are on the right track to implement persistant messaging.  Some of 
> the things you will need to consider:
Hello John, well I think I still have a very long way to go :)

> (0) Is your system client replicator based or server replicator based? 
> Meaning can a light-weight client connect from anywhere and just get 
> the messages it needs from replicating servers, or does it run the 
> replication algorithm itself?
no light.weight clients

> (1) How do you handle partitions and merges and any updates that are 
> generated in different partitions?
I have described my ideas a bit more concrete in my previous reply to 

> (2) Efficient state transfer / synchronization.
Not sure yet, many sketchy ideas.

> (3) Efficient use of permanent store (disk).
I thought about giving SQLite a try.

> (4) The permanent addition and/or removal of clients.
Currently it seems clear to me that this will be done with the help of 
persistent messages :)

> One thing I'd recommend to you is to use logical names instead of 
> using IP addresses as the names of your replicators.  This is a more 
> general approach as it will allow you to relocate a replicator more 
> easily and also allow you to run multiple replicators on a single 
> machine (if you ever need to).
Yup that's a good idea.

> Also, don't underestimate the difficulty of what you are proposing. :)
I don't. I don't dare to set a foot on that planet yet, I still feel 
uncertain about too many things. I don't even know yet whether I really 
want to do that.

> Good luck!

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