[Spread-users] Spread performance of slow machines

William Isley wmisley at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 23 22:00:36 EDT 2004


I'm attempting to use spread on 800MHz Fujitsu laptops. The laptops do not 
have x86 chips and have an x86 software emulation layer around the 
processor. You can image the machines are slow to today's standards.

I wish to have 1 machine use spread to multicast messages to multiple 
laptops. Each involved machine has it's own spread daemon. At best I get 
1MB/sec. I need at least 4MB/sec. I have increased the max messages per 
session to 6500, increased all timeout values, and have increase the number 
of messages and individual machine can transmit per pass of the token. I can 
not get anymore than 1MB/sec. The Spread Daemon and Spread Client together 
on these machines peg the processor at 100% until complete. I notice that 
the multicaster network usage averages @ 50%, but at times will drop to 0%.

Anyone have any ideas?


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