[Spread-users] Server dies

G Hasse gh at raditex.se
Fri Jun 11 06:47:23 EDT 2004

Hello all.

We very often gets a 

Smallest_rep: bug! current index 0 is proc -1073754200 of type -12888
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

and the server dies.  I know that there is problems with
"small messages" but why does the server die? 

We cant run the server for more than some minutes, and that
doesent feel reliable...

Göran Hasse

Göran Hasse            email: gh at raditex.se     Tel: 08-6949270
Raditex AB             http://www.raditex.se    Fax: 08-4420570
Sickla Alle 7, 1tr                              Mob: 070-5530148

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