[Spread-users] controlling network split and merge

Xudong Yan XYan at netscreen.com
Thu Feb 12 14:42:21 EST 2004


I am trying to figure out how to control the timing of the network split / merge messages.

I have a pretty simple config. 2 machines, spread daemon running on each machine.

Then the connection between the two machines gets dirupted for some time and then gets restored.

When the connection breaks, I get a TRANSITION_MESS followed by a REG_MEMB_MESS | CAUSED_BY_NETWORK

When the connection restores, I get a REG_MEMB_MESS | CAUSED_BY_NETWORK

The questions, how do I control (I assume patches to spread is needed) how fast I get the two messages
upon the network event?

The problem I am running into right now, is that it takes around 10 / 20 seconds after the network
connection is restored before I get the REB_MEMB_MESS.


Xudong Yan

xudong at neoteris.com

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