[Spread-users] Configuration doubt

Gustavo Castro comadreja_98 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 05:21:13 EST 2004

Hi all,
i have a question about configurating a spread network. I have two java 
servers in two different machines, their IPs are and I want both machines two run a spread daemon each, so they can 
communicate with their clients with spread using the spread group 
"clients_group", and at the same time the servers running the daemons should 
be able to communicate among them using the spread group "daemon_group".
The spread.conf should look something like this

Spread_Segment {
Here is my question: if when you join a group it must be in your daemon, 
then how can the two daemons share a group, i mean, send each other a 
message? they would join two different groups, both with the same name but 
each running in a different daemon so when multicasts are send they wouldn´t 
get each other messages, right?
Any help and advises are welcome!!

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