[Spread-users] spuser doesn't run with multiple daemons

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Thu Sep 18 13:33:13 EDT 2003

What is the exact command line you use with spuser?  Also, have you 
tried your tests with spuser connected to all three daemons, and tested 
different combinations of daemons together (since you say it works with 
two but not with three, I wish to distinguish between a problem with one 
server, and a more systematic problem)?


Sergio S wrote:

> Hi, i am a student that is using spread. I have a problem when I use 3 
> daemons in 3 different machines.
> The machines have these addreses:
> Each machine runs it's own daemon. The spread.conf file has the next 
> configuration:
> Spread_Segment{
>                   Adapt05
>                   Adapt06
>                   Adapt07
> }
> After the daemons run i try to execute the spuser program  but it 
> doesn't connect to the daemon and the following message is shown:
> Spread library version is 3.17.0
> recv_nointr_timeout: Timed out
> SP_error: (-8) Connection closed by spread
> Bye.
> If all the machines are in the same sub-network. What is the problem?
> It works correctly with 2 machines. Thanks
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