[Spread-users] spuser doesn't run with multiple daemons

Sergio S brijuerga at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 18 13:03:09 EDT 2003

Hi, i am a student that is using spread. I have a problem when I use 3 
daemons in 3 different machines.
The machines have these addreses:

Each machine runs it's own daemon. The spread.conf file has the next 


After the daemons run i try to execute the spuser program  but it doesn't 
connect to the daemon and the following message is shown:

Spread library version is 3.17.0
recv_nointr_timeout: Timed out
SP_error: (-8) Connection closed by spread


If all the machines are in the same sub-network. What is the problem?
It works correctly with 2 machines. Thanks

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