[Spread-users] daemon crash on illegal private name

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Fri Oct 24 15:47:45 EDT 2003

Jeremy Hylton wrote:

>>The problem is the name you are giving to your Spread daemon is too
>>long.  Spread group names are fixed size strings (usually 32 bytes long).
> Right.
>>I'm not sure why that particular name is having a problem, as it should
>>fit within the predefined limit.  The daemon should have a check on
>>itself when it starts that it can at least generate the user name
>>##spreadname.  We'll check and make sure that it does.
> I agree the daemon should complain if it's name is too long.  But I think
> the more important problem is that a problem name created by a client causes
> all daemons to crash.
Yeah, the problem is that the daemon is detecting the illegal name at an 
unexpected point and is giving up.  My point was that if the daemon name 
is too long it should give up even before it starts running so that this 
problem could never be encountered.

Usually if the user gives too long of a private name such that 
#app_name#hostname would exceed the predefined limit, the app_name is 
truncated so that it can fit in the predefined limit.

In short, I believe that an integrity check that should be done on 
startup on the daemons' names isn't being done correctly.  Or this could 
be a symptom of a completely different bug, we'll try and find out.

> Jeremy
> PS Did you mean to reply privately?
No, I didn't have this email address subscribed to the list, my initial 
response should show up there shortly.


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