[Spread-users] daemon crash on illegal private name

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at zope.com
Fri Oct 24 14:53:02 EDT 2003

I was just testing a spread configuration where each host has a relatively
long hostname -- storage1.zm.zope.com is an example.  I started two spread
daemons in the same segment and everything looked fine.  When I connected
with spuser, both daemons exited with the error message: "Illegal private
name #user#storage1.zm.zope.comA" where A was some random highbit character.
Details: spread 3.17.1, Red Hat Linux 9.

Buffer overflow?  I used just "storage1" for the name and it worked fine.  I
assume the long name exceeded some internal buffer.  Could a user
accidentally crash a running system by connecting with a long name?


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