[Spread-users] Multiple private networks

Matt Sergeant matt at sergeant.org
Tue Nov 25 15:47:29 EST 2003

On 25 Nov 2003, at 11:44, Yair Amir wrote:

> It is doable in several ways.
> If you have only one machine doing the logging (no fault tolerance)
> then you can run the daemon only on this machine and have all the
> other machines just connect remotely to this daemon. Because anyway
> if the is not there you have no logging.

What I suspect will happen is we'll have operations wanting to get the 
logs (for error checking and so on) on one machine ( and I'll 
want to see "interesting" events on another machine (perhaps I have a feeling that John's method will work for that.

What I would *really* like is to have a sort of reflector architecture, 
where the 10.* machines multicast on the local net, a couple of 
redundant failover machines reflect these logs over the internet to 
another network, and a couple of redundant receiving machines over 
there reflect these packets into a multicast onto *their* local 
network. But I'm not sure that's possible without writing my own 
program to do the "reflect" part (I'm sure it's possible if I do that).


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