[Spread-users] Multiple private networks

John Schultz jschultz at commedia.cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Nov 25 21:54:41 EST 2003

On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Matt Sergeant wrote:

> What I would *really* like is to have a sort of reflector architecture, 
> where the 10.* machines multicast on the local net, a couple of 
> redundant failover machines reflect these logs over the internet to 
> another network, and a couple of redundant receiving machines over 
> there reflect these packets into a multicast onto *their* local 
> network. But I'm not sure that's possible without writing my own 
> program to do the "reflect" part (I'm sure it's possible if I do that).

I suspected you wanted something more complex, but I thought I'd give the
easy solution if that was all you needed.  I think you've basically 
already thought of the following approach:

One way to do this is to run multiple spread configurations (systems): 1
inside each NAT and 1 on the public network.  Then you need a couple of
your clients to straddle (i.e. - connect to) their NAT configuration and
the public configuration.  The straddling clients do the reflecting of the 
traffic from the internal networks to the public network.  On the public 
network you have as many collectors as you want.

NAT configuration file (assumes broadcast /24 inside NAT):

Spread_Segment {
# and so on

Public network configuration file (assumes multicast /24 on network):

Spread_Segment {

Then have a client on a public/private machine (e.g. - connect to
4000 at localhost and 5000 at localhost, receive traffic from the 4000
configuration and rebroadcast it onto the 5000 configuration.

Note, I didn't run these segments through the parser so they may have 
syntax errors.

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