[Spread-users] spread issue

John Schultz jschultz at d-fusion.net
Fri May 2 15:17:01 EDT 2003

I think that the event system is not thread safe.  Therefore, unless you 
somehow externally synchronize access to those fcns (I'm not sure how 
you would do this) your program will crash, act strangely, or in general 
not work.

If you use the event system, you shouldn't need to have multiple 
threads. Just have a conditional based on the group name for each 
message to choose which code to execute (G1's code or G2's code).


lhs90 wrote:

> Hello
> i found where the problem is.
> my main program joining a group use Event System wait form messages from
> that group.
> and create a thread joining another group use Event System wait from
> messates from another group.
> in this situation i often receive "Buffers or Groups too Short error
> message."
> i dont know why because i didnt set large groups and message no larger than
> my buffer size
> (sorry, i print the wrong mess content)
> afterwards, i run these two groups separatary
>  i join just one group and use one Event System only , everying work
> perfectly
> no Buffers or Groups too Short error message.
> now i need to find the way to solve this proglem.
> uiki


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