[Spread-users] data replication with Spread

Ian Fung if26 at cornell.edu
Sun Mar 30 13:54:39 EST 2003

thank you for replying to my email. i am looking at the webpage you 
linked me to and i do not see a download for the data replication 
package. all i can find is the paper. is it available to the public? if 
not, can you recommend other data replications mechanism?



On Sunday, March 30, 2003, at 06:40 AM, Ciprian Tutu wrote:

> Hi Ian,
> IF> i'm a bit confused about the capabilities of Spread from reading 
> the
> IF> webpage. it says that it can be used to do data replication between
> IF> databases running on separate hosts. but looking at
> IF> www.spreadconcepts.com data replication is package that includes "a
> IF> generic replication engine, that includes all of the replication
> IF> logic..." judging from a cursory glance at the source code, it 
> seems
> IF> like Spread does not provide any data replication functionality. Is
> IF> this true?
> The two statements that you make are both true. Spread can indeed be
> used to provide data replication between databases running on separate
> hosts. However, this functionality is not part of Spread itself.
> Spread provides an infrastructure that can be exlpoited in order to
> build an efficient data replication mechanism, but significant
> algorithmic design is necessary in order to reach this level of
> service.
> We have developed indeed a generic replication engine that includes
> the replication logic. You can find additional details about that at:
> http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/publications/replic_publ.html
> The paper "From Total Order to Database Replication"
> (http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/pub/papers/AT02_icdcs.pdf) explains exactly
> what it takes to move from the group communication properties provided
> by a toolkit like Spread and build a level of service that can provide
> replication.
> Ciprian
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